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Our Company

Established in 1995, Red Star Contract Manufacturing provides the Insert Mold industry with functional, easy to operate, and easy to maintain vertical Insert Mold machines.

Ranging from 10 to 80 tons, our Insert Mold machines are designed by working directly with Insert Molders to determine the features and services that are most important.

Our machine features include solid steel C-frame construction, oversize platens, a hydraulic clamp, vertical or parting line injection, and choice of stationary, shuttle and rotary models.

Our Philosophy

At Red Star Contract Manufacturing, building you the exact Insert Mold machine you need to out perform your competition is what we do best. Our experienced design engineers will custom design a machine to match your specific requirements.

While our primary business is the manufacture of Insert Molding machines, we realize that some customers need additional support.  We provide that support by offering press rebuilding and remanufacture, mold design and manufacture, and turnkey systems.  We also have a variety of machines for sampling and evaluation of molds and processes, product design and development, process validation, and process training.

The mark of a good machinery manufacturer is how they perform after the sale. Red Star Contract Manufacturing believes in doing what is right for the customer.  To show our commitment to our customers, we provide the manufacturer’s part number, rather than a Red Star part number, to purchased components (off the shlelf).  This can save valuable time when trying to get a machine operational again.

Red Star Contract Manufacturing also offers a quarterly service program (QSP) to make your job easier. QSP provides 4 annual visits to perform routine maintenance and repair to all your insert molding machines in a given location, including those built by other manufacturers.

Red Star Contract Manufacturing can provide replacement parts for our own equipment as well as Autojectors, Newbury, Essex, and others.  While we don’t stock every part for every machine model, we do know what tends to break and why.  We also have a variety of design improvements available for competing product lines.  These include elimination of lubrication on the shuttle table and injection unit, screw drive replacements, and control retrofits.