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We can supply you with replacement screws and barrels for just about any make or model of injection molding machine.  We also offer screw and barrel reconditioning.  Feedscrews are available in a variety of tool steels to match your application.

Base materials include:

  • 4140, Nitralloy 135m, H-13, D-2, Cru-wear, CPM and other choice tool steels.

Surface hardenings include:

  • Stellite and flame hardened. We use Nitriding, industrial hard Chrome Plating, Titanium Nitriding, D-Gun, Carbide Encapsulation, and Armoloy.

PS&E specializes in the design and manufacturing of High-Performance, Wear-Resistant Barrels, Screws, and Tip Assemblies. PS&E combines premium raw materials and uniquely designed surface treatments to create components which are extremely abrasion/wear-resistant. By changing the molecular structures in the steel composition, PS&E has developed the most wear-resistant, robust, and corrosion-resistant components available today's industry. This technology, combined with accurate designs from PS&E's experienced engineering design team, provide exceptional wearability and performance for even the most abrasive applications