Production Molding

Production Molding of high-quality parts requires processing equipment that utilizes the latest technology and process controls. Our injection molding equipment is selected for its versatility and reliability, as well as its flexibility to handle a wide range of mold types and sizes.
  • Presses ranging from 40-1000 tons clamping force
  • Automation/robotics for part removal/handling to maintain part quality
  • Insert Molding
  • 2-Shot/Substrate and Overmolding

That means you can make Pyramid Plastics your molder of choice for all your plastic component requirements, thus reducing your vendor base and shortening your supply chain – which reduces costs as well.  At Pyramid Plastics, you’ll find all the equipment capacity you’ll need along with a staff of people with the engineering, technical processing know-how and quality expertise to meet your molded parts requirements at competitive costs with the highest quality.