Collaboration, Engineering and Manufacturing

Because we work closely with our sister company, Industrial Molds, Pyramid Plastics’ engineering team offers customers state of the art molds, expertly collaborated for optimum productivity and manufacturability to reduce costs-to-manufacture.
  • Machine tool technology with robotic palletizers
  • Advanced machine tool automation and robotics
  • MoldEx 3D mold filling analysis software to optimize mold design
  • State of the art 3D modeling in the Mold Collaboration and Engineering department

We build geometrically complex molds that range from single cavity large parts with creative configurations and actions to 32-cavity multi-cavity molds, including:

  • 2-Shot/Substrate Molds to reduce costs, scrap and eliminate secondary operations
  • Metal-to-Plastic conversions for automotive and industrial applications such as under hood components, industrial fluid control valves and components
  • Mold with conformal cooling lines to accommodate complex part shapes with thick wall sections, thin to thick sections and other difficult to cool geometries to reduce cycle time and improve productivity
Plastics Engineering
Case Study:
January 11, 2021

Paint Marker


Introduction Pyramid Plastics partnered with a longtime customer and Chicagoland manufacturer to design, engineer, and produce a new version of the highly successful marker. This paint marker is the industry’s largest, smooth-marking, so...