Paint Marker


Pyramid Plastics partnered with a longtime customer and Chicagoland manufacturer to design, engineer, and produce a new version of the highly successful marker. This paint marker is the industry’s largest, smooth-marking, solid, quick-drying paint marker that leaves a bold, permanent mark on most surfaces. Its durable, plastic, twist-up holder prevents breakage, keeping hands, clothing, and toolboxes clean.

Pyramid Plastics, a division of Pyramid Molding Group, was excited about this opportunity, and worked quickly to develop the new design and while sister company, Industrial Molds built the tooling.


Our customer is always working to improve their already impressive product line. Alongside the fresh marker design, a new, more aggressive paint was implemented in order to broaden the array of surfaces on which the marker can be used. The new paint was so successful, in fact, that it was actually adhering to the interior barrel wall of the body of the marker.

To prevent any delays in bringing the product to market, the Pyramid team worked diligently to engineer a solution that would minimize any increased cost while still meeting a tight production deadline.

After several trials, a new plastic material for the marker was selected and approved. Unfortunately, while solving one problem, another was created. The new material we used ended up causing the parts to shrink. The clock was ticking, but Pyramid Plastics and Industrial Molds were up to the challenge.


The true strength of Pyramid Plastics is our adaptive partnership with our customers, as well as our ability to come up with creative custom solutions. Working with the highly skilled engineers at both Pyramid Plastics and Industrial Molds, the required material modifications were determined and implemented in no time. Having a full-service, world-class tool-builder as our sister company allows for rapid tool modifications, and in turn, equally fast sampling and production.


After meeting the customer’s requirements and testing the product, it was time to ramp up into full production. Even during these challenging times, the Pyramid team worked to push into production on a swift timeline. We were able to meet all of the customer’s initial demands by providing high-quality, fully assembled parts. The entire team was very proud to deliver on our promise and make our partnership with our long standing customer a success.


Pyramid Plastics and Industrial Molds are excited to be able to leverage our talented teams across both companies to deliver unique, tailored solutions to our customers, whether that’s through our full-service molding or our contract manufacturing projects.

As far as we’re concerned, our reputation is only as good as our customers’ success; when they succeed, we succeed. While we’re proud of our track record in providing fast, innovative solutions, we also continue to work hard every day to streamline processes and build our relationships with our customers, so we can continue to grow our success and theirs, as partners.